Sunday, July 24, 2011

Winky's Fun in the Sun!

Such a character!  Despite the pain she must be in from her surgery, Winky is playful and loving life! She is supposed to be on stall rest, but couldn't stay still and we were afraid she'd whack her stitches open.  She's "free" in a small paddock with the Clyde mare (whom we still need to re-name! Ideas? She was "Ruby," but we don't repeat names, as there already was a Ruby [mule]).

This afternoon, Christine was topping off water troughs, and Winky was staring her down every time she moved the hose.  Just to see what would happen, Christine directed the spray onto Winky, and she LOVED it!  She would turn around to get both sides, then go trotting off, kick up her heels, and come back for more. :)

This video is from later in the day, so I had to flush the hot water out of the hose before spraying her down.  Boy, was she impatient!

Enjoy!  (Sorry, it's sideways!)

(The Fire Line tape is being used to alert volunteers to the quarantined area our eye cases are living in)


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