Friday, July 22, 2011

Winky Update: Post-Surgery

Winky had her surgery today! We took her to Valley Equine Hospital, where Dr. Meagher did her surgery.

The eye was removed, but Dr. Meagher was unable to excise all of the bad tissue in the lower eyelid, so she does still have a large bulge.  He said the tissue did not feel like typical post-trauma tissue, and he is highly suspicious that it is cancerous.  They sent off samples to be tested, and we should have the results within 7-10 days.

The results will determine where we go from here.  Obviously, we hope it's not cancer.  If it is cancer, hopefully it is a type that generally responds well to chemotherapy.

We have had a tremendous amount of support in getting Winky back on her feet, thank you so much!  She definitely needs good jingles right now, so keep your fingers crossed for the best!

A couple of pics right after she got home:


The other eye case (the Clyde mare who came in a couple of days before Winky) seems to be doing a little better.  She is on a course of antibiotics, and now that she is on an EPSM-friendly diet, she is already putting on weight and is a little more comfortable.  She still has a lot of muscle pain, but that should subside as her body becomes accustomed to the diet.

Here is a photo of her eye:

A better pic of her body condition:

Her previous owner called her "Ruby," but we already have one.  Someone suggested "Shaky," as she has almost constant muscle tremors, but that seemed a little too cruel... so I suggested "Shakira" as a joke.  Her hips don't lie! (And that, dear readers, is proof that the heat completely addled my brains today... Keep cool!)



  1. Praying for the best for both, and especially "Winky" - we talked about it being cancer, but the vet down here said trauma, and so I figured we were clueless.

  2. Prayers and good thoughts toward both horses. I hope all works out for them. Im a sucker for the "big" guys (and gals). Good luck and keep up the good work!

  3. What about "Blinky" for the spotted draft? Though I do like "Shakira" too, since there's a show name built right in.

  4. I really like Shakira ... call her "Kira" for short! :)

  5. Her Eyes are totally damaged and hope for successful surgery and recovering as quick as possible.
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