Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Injured Mares- Spotted Draft and Clydesdale

In the past couple of days, we had a couple of mares arrive with severe eye conditions.

The first to arrive was a Clydesdale mare from PA.  Her owner believed she had cancer on one of her eyelids, and found that it wasn't within her means to have the eye treated.  Another rescue promised to help, but it was taking too long to get help for her, and the eye was only getting worse.

After examination by our vet, it is believed the mare might only have an infection in the eye.  We have started her on a course of antibiotics to determine if that is the only problem with the eye or if there really is cancer.

The mare is also very underweight, and is in severe pain from EPSM, a disorder which draft breeds are highly prone to developing.   I couldn't get many good pics, as standing still is very uncomfortable for her.  As the pain meds kick in and she settles in, hopefully I can get a better shot of her.

Here's the best full-body shot I have of her at the moment, where she and the Spotted Draft mare are quarantined from the rest of the farm:


The more severely injured mare, a Spotted Draft approximately between 12 and 16 years of age, arrived late Tuesday morning from the area where KY, WV, and OH meet.  What an incredible story this mare has!

She sustained an eye injury (it looks like she was hit by a 2x4) and was brought to Sugarcreek Auction to be dumped.  This mare's injury was so bad that the auction wouldn't accept her into the sale. They also tried to enter a blind Standardbred into the sale, but he wasn't accepted, either. Unfortunately, this means that there is no record of who attempted to dump them there.

Since their owners couldn't get rid of them at the auction, they were just turned loose in the countryside.  They were found in a strip mine and picked up by animal control, who asked Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue to take them.  The rescue was able to find a temporary foster home for the pair, and that's where we picked the mare up.  Below are some photos unloading her from the trailer and settling in.

*Warning*  Graphic photos of her injured eye are below.  You can click on the photos for a larger view.  Don't say I didn't warn you!

The vet examined her and determined that the injury occurred some 2-3 weeks ago.  Sadly, the eye is already dead and cannot be saved.  Her surgery is scheduled for this Thursday.  Since the damage is severe and the area is infected, the surgery is going to be very extensive.  The surgeons will have to remove the eye and bone fragments, reconstruct the area, clean out the infection, and close it all up.  She will probably have a drain to keep fluids from building up for some time after the surgery.

For having such a painful injury, she is a very sweet mare!


If you are interested in helping these two sweet girls, please consider donating here: Gentle Giants  (follow the link and click on the yellow "Donate" button).  Any amount helps!

To have the funds go to a specific horse/cause, either message us on Facebook or e-mail to let us know.


We would also like to extend a HUGE thanks to those who helped get the mares to our farm, especially Athena of Horse Jitney, Carey and Cody of Movin' On Farm, Nick DiFranco, Dr. Brokaw, and all those who helped care for the mares and connect us to them!  And thanks to all our volunteers who stepped up to the plate to help with the chores while we prepped the quarantine and got the girls settled in!



  1. Oh they both look like sweetiepies. Praying the surgery goes smoothly.

  2. Do you know the date of the intended auction? Did the "owners" let the injury fester that long, or were the horses wandering loose for that long? Poor things :(

  3. I am glad we could act as a middle person to get this mare and the blind SB gelding safe - I am grateful to all those who sponsored her move and to our amazing fosters! Thank YOU for giving her this Chance!

    Tinia Creamer
    Heart of Phoenix

  4. I know God has a special place for you guys who help these gentle giants. And also a special place for those who harm them. Thank you! Amazing hearts...