Saturday, May 28, 2011

Quick Update on the Arabians

This past week, Marsha Parkinson (the woman the Arabs were seized from) appealed to court to get her animals back on the grounds that they were seized illegally. Back story- the local animal control officers gave her a month to clean up her act and get her horses back into good condition.  Two weeks in, conditions had only deteriorated and several horses were in dire straits.  Obviously, they weren't going to wait another two weeks.  There would have been carcasses on the property had they waited that long.

The judge denied her appeal to get the horses back.

I'm not a lawyer, so correct me if I'm wrong - This doesn't necessarily mean the Arabians are safe from ending up back in Marsha's hands.

We are still waiting to hear about criminal charges to be brought against her, and the fact that it is taking so long has all of us concerned that the authorities might be negotiating something with her.  Any negotiations can result in Marsha getting some horses back.

She should not get any horses back.  Period. 

What kind of responsible horse owner thinks it's okay to have a massive herd of horses that look like this?


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  1. This case really worries me. A while ago I boarded my horse at a stable in DE that took in 12 horses taken from a woman by the SPCA that were in similar condition. By the time they put weight back on, the court case came up, and the woman got her horses back. I cried when the poor things left.