Monday, May 16, 2011

Polish Arabian Mares, Part III

The mares are doing very well!  They are gaining weight well, and look like different horses!

Things we've done to them in the past couple of weeks:
- Rescued April 29th (corrected from May 6th... where the heck did I get that from?)
- Intake forms (cataloged hip numbers, pics from all angles)
- Dewormed
- Full vetting (exam, vaccs, Coggins, teeth checked)
- Hooves trimmed (see Polish Arabian Mares, Part II)
- Fully groomed several times a week (especially working with the younger ones' feet)

I took photos over the weekend so I can show you how much weight these girls are putting on!  It's pretty easy to tell the difference between the Before and Now shots; just in case you'd like a hint, the ones on top for each horse are the Before pics.

*As you look at the pics, keep in mind they were not fully shed out when they arrived, so they were actually more thin than they looked!*



"Rose Grey":

Nosey Rosey:




Stormy: (Note her full winter coat in her Before pic- she was thinner than she looked!)



It just goes to show they must have had NO food whatsoever.  They aren't getting anything that special- 24/7 on pasture and 3 quarts of Senior feed once a day.  A couple will be ready soon to have their grain ration reduced!


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